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TSD Podcast 37 - Trashbat Entrevista + Mix

Take a step to Dub - Hi Trashbat, how are you today? 

Trashbat - Hello, yeah im wicked, thanks. 

TSD - Alright, can you give the readers a little background about yourself? 

T - My name's Callum Grant, I'm 23, from South East London, I produce electronic music. 

TSD - How did you get into Dubstep? What drove you to get as far as you are now? 

T - erm, well i used to be heavily into death metal, nu metal, pretty much anything metal, me and most of my mates all listened to it, and were in a band together, one of my mates however, didn't really go down that path and was more into things like Hip hop and garage, and he used to show me things like DMX and Oxide & Neutrino, most of it at the time i'd hate, but after a while certain things really clicked with me, like UK Garage, then the same friend showed me drum and bass and i was hooked from there, i decided to try my hand at making it and did that for a few years, nothing serious, just making a couple of little tunes, learning the program mostly, i was using fruity loops at the time, then a little while later i was introduced to Dubstep, namely The Widdler, Skream, Benga & Coki, and it really resonated with me, and over time gradually started making and listen to more of it. 

I’m not sure i can say what drove me to get "as far as i am now" as i don’t really see myself as being that far at all really lol, but as for what drives me to keep going in general, i think just the feeling you get when your music connects with random person is such a strange thing, it’s really mind blowing, i think my first taste of that was with my band, playing in front of crowds and seeing people head banging and stuff, and the thought that something you created helped someone express themselves in some way, or even just let off a little steam, it almost feels like you're doing a service, making something so that someone can enjoy themselves in some way, be it starting a mosh pit or relaxing to your music with a cup of a tea and a biscuit after work, it’s a good feeling. 

TSD - Where do you draw your influence from musically? 

T - I think like a most artists, my influences change periodically, In more recent years ive found myself drawn to Jazz music and blues, it seems to have a lot of passion and feeling behind it, and quite often i find it paints pictures in my mind when i listen to it, i think im always been inspired by music that makes you think of places and scenes, i always found myself influenced by film scores and soundtracks, i think it’s because they serve as aids to accompany visuals, therefore they have a predestined theme to them and have to capture a certain feeling or mood, i like to try and incorporate that into my own music. 

TSD - After 4 months of the release of your debut Ep "Koanashi" on Mindstep, have the reactions to it been what you expected? 

T – No it’s was much better! 

Haha well, it got to No.1 on the Juno Dubstep Chart, which was unreal, a real milestone for me personally, i really wasn't expecting it at all and the general feedback and response was great, people seemed to dig it, so that was very nice indeed! 

TSD - In your opinion, who is the audience that identifies with your music? 

T - Hmm, an interesting one, i think, my audience would be perhaps one of a more matured taste, i don’t mean that by way that if you don’t indentify with my music your "immature", 

i mean it in a sense that, i don't think the style of Dubstep I personally am pushing and supporting is one that you would jump straight into or become familiar with without first having listened to the other stuff, it’s like a small niche you discover as a result of delving deep into the Dubstep genres. 

TSD - In musical terms, which projects have drawn your attention in recent times? 

T - Well im always been a massive fan of Author and Submotion Orchestra, I love that they’re doing something different, and that they incorporate a lot of real instruments into their music, i think there not enough of that in the electronic music scene these days. 

Also, The Chord Marauders collective, again, they're just doing their own thing, pushing for that more melodic sound, these guys are the future, a group to look out for. 

TSD - What are your goals for the future? 

T - Just to keep pushing mine and my friend’s music to many people across the globe as possible, sharing the collective vibe. 

TSD - If you were stranded on an island and could only keep with you the following things, what would they be? 1 vinyl, 1 DAW, 1 piece of hardware, and 1 sandwich. 

T - I'd sell the vinyl for smoke before i left for said island. 

Reason 5 or 6 (I'm not fussed) 

All Day Breakfast Sandwich (bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, ketchup) 

TSD - Finally, any shout outs and special mentions?" 

T - Out to the Mindstep Crew, the Chord Marauders, Brother Anex, Bamutu, Legend4ry, all my 420 crew, my Girlfriend and The Dark Lord Cthulu. 

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