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TSD Podcast 43 - Reamz Entrevista + Mix

Este mês temos convidado no TSD Podcast o jovem Dj e Produtor inglês Reamz

Take a step to Dub - Hi Reamz, how are you? 

Reamz - Hello mate. I'm doing well thanks. 

Been pretty busy recently working on lots of new music stuff which is pretty exciting for me. 

TSD - So, for those who might not be familiar, can you tell us a little about your background, the music you promote and how you arrived at your sound? 

R - My name is Reamz and I am a Dubstep producer from London. I have been making dark, minimal beats for about 5 years now. 

I started making beats by chucking together drum loops on fruity loops for a band I was in at the time. This naturally progressed into making full tunes. 

The style of music I listened to influenced me from then on really. 

TSD - What do you prefer more, playing out live or making beats in the studio? 

R - This is a tough question actually. I only started playing out because of the beats I had made in the studio. 

I have played some amazing places and met some amazing people over the past few years and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had. Playing in front of a crowd of people who are really into what you are doing is such an incredible feeling. 

Having said that I love spending a nice Sunday afternoon tucked away in the studio drinking endless cups of tea. 

TSD - Where do you draw your influences from? 

R - I have quite a wide range of musical interests. 

I actually don't listen to much Dubstep atm. I listen to youngsta' show every week and head to a couple of nights to keep up to date with the scene but I mostly just listen to lots of metal. I'm really into Five Finger Death Punch at the moment. Those guys are proper sick. 

I find that metal translates across to Dubstep pretty well, I take a lot of musical ideas and concepts from that scene and use them in my beats. 

TSD - You have a weekly show on Fokus Fm how did that come about? 

R - Myself and Flipz used to have a show on Dusk.Fm a few months back which was a really fun time as it was the first show I had done and it was getting some real attention. Then one day Cimm, one of the head guys from Fokus, messaged me asking to start my show with them. It took me awhile to make my mind up but in the end I decided to change over. 

I respect all the guys over at Dusk for what they did for me and how they helped me out but Fokus just seemed like the right choice. They are a really dedicated group of people who are pushing the station to new heights. I'm very excited to be involved with it. 

You can catch Flipz & I on Fokus every Friday 8PM till 10PM GMT 

TSD - What does the term “Bass Music” mean to you? 

R - I think the whole thing with genres names and labeling music has become a bit of a joke now. 

I know a lot of people who use the term "Bass music" to describe what they make because they are embarrassed or can't be bothered to explain what Dubstep is. If someone asks my what music I make I will just tell them Dubstep, let them take what they will from that. If they seem interested I will show them some of my stuff and some different artists and see if they are feeling it. If not, then it's not really a big concern. 

People seem so eager to move away from a certain sound because of what people are calling it these days. Just make and listen to the music you want. No matter what style, there are people out there who will appreciate what you're doing. 

RSD - Which artists are you keeping an eye of for 2014? 

R -  I know it sounds a bit cliché but all the guys on Bacon a Dubs are really smashing it right now. 

I have been really impressed with the music I have heard over the past few weeks and am really excited for you guys to hear it all. Deafblind, Zeiph, Sepia, Feonix, 207, J.K.L, I could go on for ages. Too many sick producers to mention. 

I also have to shout out biome. Very glad he is bringing out new music again. 

TSD - It's been five months since you release the "500 Ep". What can we expect from you next? 

R - I have been very quiet the past few months trying to work on my music and get everything sounding how I wanted. I have been writing my next EP for Bacon Dubs. I had the masters back last week and they sound incredible. There is no release date confirmed yet as we are just finalizing artwork and some other exciting things that will be included in the release. 

"Frostbite" EP should be out in the next few weeks. 

TSD - Any musical guilty pleasures you're not afraid to share? 

R - I have lots of guilty pleasures haha. I might get shot for this but I am really feeling the deep house movement in the UK at the moment. It reminds me of some of the old school disco tracks. Every time "Route 94 - My Love" comes on I turn into a 16 year old school girl singing away 

TSD - Finally, any shout outs and special mentions? 

R - I have so many shout outs that I can't possible write them all. 

The main guys I wanna shout out at the moment are Deafblind for all his help with mastering and everything else, he is the Bacon Dubs grandad for sure. 

Sparxy has really been helping me out recently, the amount of time, dedication and money he puts into the scene is a breath of fresh air. 

Finally I wanna shout out my boy Flipz. I have a couple of tunes coming with him this year and we have a few projects together. 

I also wanna shout out all the guys at "Take A Step To Dub" for this opportunity. 

I hope you enjoy the mix I put together

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