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TSDcast 45 - Morrison Entrevista + Mix

Este mês aos comandos o TSDcast, temos nada mais nada de que os neozelandeses Morrison.

Take a step to Dub - Hello guys how’s it going?

Morrison - Pretty good thanks :)

TSD - Alright, let’s get the "boring" stuff out of the way first. Can you give the readers a little background about yourself?

M - We have both been best mates since way back, always had the same hobbies and interests. We went through school and ended up both going to SAE after that for a course in Audio Engineering.

T - You’ve been working together since 2012. When was the first time that you felt it was about time to get serious about making music?

M - Around 08/09 we went to a gig in town that a mate told us about and that was the first time we heard Dubstep which influenced us a lot in later years. That was the first time we individually started playing around with producing and making chaotic sounds. A couple years later we were cruising round in my van with some mates, it was dark, pouring with rain and for some reason really smokey... We ended up getting lost and kept passing a road called Morrison street over and over. We liked it and that gave us an excuse to start producing together.

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you guys to create the sounds that you do?

M - Definitely where we live, our friends and the music we grew up to. After finishing our Diplomas we moved to Waiheke Island and setup our studio there. All our lives we've been lucky enoughto be surrounded by beaches and bush and we always go on roadtrips around the country so moving out of the city was an easy decision. Our group of mates are extremely supportive and all have similar taste in music so we always went to the same gigs and have weekly mixes. Having mates who produce as well is a big inspiration. In terms of music we are heavily influenced by New Zealand dub and reggae like The Black Seeds, Fat freddy's drop and Kora.

TSD - After 6 months of the release of your debut Ep "Terra" on Iron Shirt, have the reactions to it been what you expected?

M - we were very surpised to get up to 6th or 7th in the charts did not expect that at all which was awesome. The release definitely helped with exposure and to have a release on Iron Shirt which is a New Zealand label was just what we wanted.

TSD - So in your opinion, who is the audience that identifies with your music?

M - We love to make music that can be played on a big system in a club and at the same time be able to sit on the deck in the afternoon with a beer and listen to those tunes. It's great getting good feedback from people you wouldn't expect to hear it from.

TSD - How would you describe the 140 scene in New Zealand?

M - There's an awesome scene in New Zealand for all things bass and Dubstep is right in there. There's amazing producers and DJs who are always willing to help and it's a good community.
For the size of New Zealand there's not many people and obviously our closest neighbour is Australia so unfortunately Dubstep nights arn't very frequent because everyones so far apart but i reckon our New Years festivals make up for that ;)

TSD - In musical terms, which projects have drawn your attention in recent times?

M - Anything that comes out of Chord Marauders is gold haha but other wise Freud is always coming out with fresh tunes and so is El Jeffe especially his label Mad Madam. Love the selection of tunes coming out of Mindstep from artists like Digid, Trashbat and Anex. Also hope to see some more stuff from Joker and Swindle as 040 cause that Let It Be Known release was unbelievable.

TSD - Take us through the mix you put together for us?

M - The mix goes through pretty much everything we're diggin at the moment, including some classic tunes that we love. It starts off mellow then gets into a few tunes that we play at gigs then ends mellow again. I think it's a good indication of our inspiration within the 140 scene.

TSD - What is the question that was never been done to you guys that you would like to answer?

M - Hmmm to be honest i can't think of one but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask ;)

TSD - Finally, any shout outs and special mentions?

M - Yes, big shouts to everyone who listens and gives feedback on our tunes and to our neighbours and people we live with for putting up with constant samples and bass sounds. Also Jesse from Iron Shirt for giving us the opportunity for our first release and of course to Take a Step to Dub for having us, Chur!

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