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TSDcast 50 - Matrices Entrevista + Mix

Da Austrália para o TSDcast - Matrices

Take a step to Dub - Hi Matrices, how are you?

Matrices - Well thanks.

TSD - Alright, let’s get the "boring" stuff out of the way first. Can you give the readers a little background about yourself?

M - No problem.  I have been writing music for the past 5 or so years, though I have been actively playing since high school which was about 10 years ago.

Once I found Ableton and realized I could arrange my own pieces of music, I immediately fell in love with the art and have not looked back ever since.

Right now, I believe I’ve reached a point in skill and creativity which has allowed me to create music with both passion and efficiency, resulting in a number of tunes to be released (hopefully) throughout this year.  

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sounds that you do?

M - Whilst being a scientist by day, rules begin to form, dictating decisions, and therefore the final product.

Whereas with music, the great thing is is that there are no rules to conform to and that one is urged to ‘push the boundaries’ so to speak.  It is this freedom for creativity which inspires me to write in whichever way that I want, when I want to, whilst drawing off influences from everyday life.

TSD - What are your views on music piracy and file sharing and how can it be controlled?

M - I think it’s a bit of a grey area in that on the one hand, artists like ourselves wish to make money, but on the other hand it can serve as an ironically powerful tool for artist exposure.

Like most things, it is relative to one’s circumstance – a rich man is far less likely to steal his own bread. However, it must be said that piracy is theft, and though I wish not to go into the technicalities of intellectual property law or morality, the law will be upheld, protecting the economic system from becoming nothing more than a theory.

It also seems that piracy is dying given the plethora of media outlets offering songs for $1.50 (Australian), with some artists allowing the consumer to nominate a price.  Through this, I think piracy and file sharing is slowly being controlled, or muscled out, rather, by a more economically and ethically feasible option, that is – streaming (e.g. Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify).

But all this control on data, could this be a ticket to slower progress and more ethical red tape? I’m not too sure.

TSD - Five months passed since you released "Future Noir on Substruct. Have the reactions to that been what you expected?

M - Yes, the reaction has been good given that this is my first release.

I think with time and practice I can bring my sound to another level, though I am also very happy with the way ‘Future Noir’ turned out.

I must thank the guys at Substruct Audio for having me on board and for being such easy people to get along with.

TSD - So in your opinion, who is the audience that identifies with your music?

M - Given the slow downtempo vibe of dubstep/140, I’d say most of the audience would a laidback bunch who know what to listen to whether it be on a Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

TSD - Which artists are you keeping an eye of for 2015?

M - Mercy can not put a foot wrong it seems.  I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what else is in the works with him.

Also, some guys to watch out for would be Apostle, Bliss, Freud, and Seanote.

All noteworthy up-and-comers with, from what I hear, top quality productions under their belt.  Artikal, Deep Medi and Mindstep Records also seem to be producing the goods too, so check out the artists on their roster.

TSD - Take us through the mix you put together for us?

M - I tend to start my sets with the jazzier side of dubstep then work my way towards the ‘darkness’, but never forgetting to end on a light note, just to remind ourselves not to take things too seriously.

TSD - What is the question that was never been done to you that you would like to answer?

M - What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?’  None, I don’t eat breakfast.

TSD - Finally any shout outs and special mentions?

M - Shout out to the Substruct crew and everyone associated with pushing for that minimal dubstep sound.

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