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TSDcast 53 - Infra Entrevista + Mix

From Berlin to the TSDcast - Infra

Take a step to Dub - Easy Infra - how’s life? 

Infra - I am doing great, thanks! 

Good things are happening and I am happy about your invite for a feature on your blog. Let’s freakin’ do this! 

TSD - Alright, let’s get the "boring" stuff out of the way first. Can you give the readers a little background about yourself? 

I - I am INFRA and a founder of the regular Impulse Basskultur nights that take place at the ://about blank on every second Thursday of a month in Berlin. Together with my buddy Saiman I also host a monthly radio show under the same name that runs on BLN.FM. 

I release bass music on labels like ZamZam Sounds, Phantom Hertz, F4TMusic and Shadowforces. 

I used to play drums for almost ten years but eventually started to look into electronic music and when I moved cities I slowly gave it up. A few years ago I used to work as a sound designer in sound branding for companies. My first synthesizer was a Roland JP-8080, which I bought ten years ago. 

TSD - How did you get into Dubstep and what drove you to get as far as you are now? 

I - Simple: my passion for soundsystem music. I love bass driven music. 

The effects it has on an audience are fascinating! Music for me needs to have a certain depth and be able to lift your spirit. 

Typically I find this is accomplished by combining rhythm with heavy bass impacts, together with “strange” sounds and plenty of reverberation. All of this can be found in the vibrating sound called dubstep! 

But it’s not only about that. It’s also getting together with like minded spirits to enjoy a force you would only experience when facing death otherwise. We are united on the dance floor. 

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sound that you do? 

I - What inspires me most is sound itself. 

Sound always evokes emotions in me and you. Sometimes the mind creates pictures from those emotions. Either because they are strong and spike your fantasy or because the sound reminds us of something we know and associate with. When you say life I say experience and the things we associate with sound are based on our listening experience. It works the same for me and I like to use this phenomenon to trigger emotions. 

When I sit in the studio I only use sound that I find particularly interesting and that has the ability to create emotions. But yeah, of course I am also heavily biased by my surroundings. I grew up in a mixture of industrialised and rural space and I like Sci-Fi movies. 

That says a lot already LOL 

TSD - You just released "Dystopia" on Phantom Hertz. How were the reactions so far? 

I - The feedback is great, thanks! Some DJs played it in their radio shows and mixes and you alongside other blogs wrote about it. 

Plus, every time I play it in the club the audiences reaction is really good. What more can you wish for? I am happy! 

TSD - What do you think makes your sound unique? 

I - I think my tracks stand out because they feature more bass weight and depth than others. 

Also, people tell me that they can recognise an INFRA track. So in a way I would say that classifies for a stamp that says: unique. 

TSD - How would you describe the 140 scene in the Germany today?

I -
I am very happy with the style and quality of productions from the people in Germoney at the moment. 

There is so much good stuff that it is hard to keep track on it. Also the parties bring world class acts and Berlin is regularly frequented by big names, who either live here for some time or even have their own party. And despite the fact that many parties are no longer as regularly staged as two years ago or died out completely, because they were dependent on a certain amount of mainstream audience in their area, there are still a lot of people who keep it going. We plan to stage an event in Berlin to bring the whole scene together and I heard from other people that they work on something similar for their area. 

So yeah, there is a lot of great things happening. People are doing more than just keeping the sound alive here, they shape it and make it their own! 

TSD - What producers within (or outside) of the bass music spectrum are making your ears prick up, so to speak?

I -
The tracks of the following artists are like food for me and worth to check out: ASC, Barom, Dalhous, El Mahdy Jr, DMVU, the side projects of Regis, Synth Sense and Woob. 

TSD - If you were stranded on an island and could only keep with you the following things, what would they be? 1 vinyl, 1 DAW, 1 piece of hardware, and 1 sandwich. 

I - 

• Vinyl: few things are as tough to answer as this one 

• There is only one DAW for creating music: Ableton Live 

• Hardware: an iPad loaded with the finest creative music apps 

• Sandwich: bagel style bread with poppy seeds plus cocos fat for groundation, avocado, sweet potato, salad leafes, tofu, special barbecue sauce and vegan mayonnaise. Delicious! 

TSD - Can you take us through the mix you put together for us? 

I - Sure! It basically mirrors my taste for tunes that are bass heavy and go beyond the usual. 

If I was headlining a party right now you could expect to hear a set that is similar in style to this mix. 

I am particularly happy that one third of the material is either forthcoming or dubs and that I am the only person in the world who has that Warm Receiver Dub by Undrig. 

TSD - What can we expect from you next? 

I - An INFRA & M3T4 collaboration is forthcoming on the Signals Compilation of which I featured a Barom track in this mix. It contains material from german artists and will be available for free download. 

Other than that I am experimenting a lot at the moment and try to expand my sound and a few collaborations with Artists like Beam Up, Shu and Undrig are on their way. 

The Impulse parties take place every second Thursday of a month at the ://about blank in Berlin, so chances are high that I am playing and our radio show is on every third Tuesday of a month on BLN.FM. Feel free to drop by or tune in! 

Oh and I got invited by Outlook Festival among others to come down to Croatia and partake in their convention. See you there! 

TSD - Thank you for your time, any shout outs and special mentions? 

I - Thanks a lot for having me! Love and respect goes out to Charo, Forensics and Mortal Grey of Phantom Hertz, Ezra and Tracy of ZamZam Sounds, my Impulse crew mates for pushing basskultur in Berlin, M3T4 of F4TMusic, El Ninho, Saiman, Kamil from Rough Mind, Buster from Basspaths, Bill Robin, Beam Up, Oakin of Bassdusche, Undrig, Orson of Version, Clerk & Species of Shadowdub, Robotic ofParadise Lost & Tsunami Audio, Taztical, Shu & Ziplokk of Signals, Kl.ne of Misshapen Echoes, Ghosthack, the dubplate wizard Joe Nice and the lovely ://about blank staff.

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