sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2016

Freebies à la carte 04 - Kletis

E com enorme prazer, que recebemos esta semana, no Freebies à la carte, Kletis.

Hi, my name is kletis and all I wanna do right now is… make you to love me.

Two things I can’t stand the most are… dumb people and DAW crashes (every producer knows this struggle).

I like to play our music to… people who are interested in my work and are open minded to every aspect of music.

I think people should… be more free and don't stress so much.

In the studio I rarely finish my work... because I got about 100 opened projects , collabs , remixes etc. Its really hard for me to sit in the studio with one track.

When I'm bored with my life I usually… start producing new beat or go out with my friends to grab a beer.

I got enough original material for… the next years. My self-recorded sounds like - wind, rain, vinyl cracking and many more is the original contect I like to use in my music and it gets the real feeling to the whole sound.

You'll probably be into my sound if you like… 140 bpm, even when Im not strictly focused on dubstep, my work is based on roots of dubstep and dub I used to listen back in 2008.

Wouldn't it be amazing, if everyone in the world… stopped hating eachother and came to my gig?

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