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TSDcast 61 - Shu Entrevista + Mix

Directamente de Berlim para o TSDcast, é com enorme prazer que abrimos 2017 ao som de Shu.

Take a step to Dub - Hi Shu, how are you today? 

Shu - Hey there! I am very good, thanks! Just recovered from a terrible flu, like everyone else right    now 😉 

TSD - So for people that are unfamiliar with your work, can you tell us a bit about your musical journey and what led you to making music? 

S - Well... i have been making music for as long as I can remember, starting with playing guitar in a band when i was like 14. I started to get into electronic music quickly aswell, enjoying the german techno scene. When I moved to Berlin 6 years ago, I got more into Bass Music, escpecially Dubstep of course. 

At the same time I started producing my own music with Ableton (stuck with the software ever since). First I wanted to produce Techno, this quickly changed to Dubstep with my growing love for the genre. But my musical taste has always been very wide spread. 

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sound that you do? 

S - Its mostly the music I consume on a daily basis, I guess. That inspires me the most. Also going to raves in Berlin. Yeah but I draw inspiration from everything around me and always find a way to get the stuff I am fascinated with, into my music. 

Right now for example, I read loads of books and comics. Also I got heavily into Movie and Video Game Soundtracks. 

TSD - How would you try to explain the thought processes and emotions that go into making tracks? 

S - I mostly try to make a weighty foundation first. I lay down some fat drums with a groove, that I am satisfied with and most importantly make a thick subbass. I mix everything while I go on with the track. Its very important for me to get a feeling for the weight of my groove very early in the production process. Then I try to find a sound that compliments the loop, something that catches a listeners ear and sticks out. 

I really want to come up with something original in every track, even if it is a pain in the ass and takes ALLOT of time. Too much dubstep has just random bass sounds and growls with allot of reverb... That bores the shit out of me. 

TSD - You've dropped a heavyweight EP last July on Infernal Sounds in collaboration with Causa. Tell us a bit about the release and how you came up with the concept….was it inspired by anything in particular? 

S - Well the main track with Causa called "Dubhelmet" was made through sending Stems back and forth. Nothing special about the process to be honest. We wanted to make something together for ages, we know each other for quite some time now. The guys from Infernal Sound loved the track and immediately signed it. Than we added two solo tunes by Causa and me to fit the release. 

Working with Jens and Aneurin from Infernal Sounds was flawless and one of the nicest Label experiences I had in my career so far. Those guys really care about their artists and the finished product. So shouts to you two dons! 

TSD - What are your view on the current state of Dubstep and Bass Music and how do you see the genre progressing over the next 12 months? 

S - I think the Dubstep scene is more healthy than it has ever been, music wise. Theres allot of very interesting music floating around and I am inspired by new tunes every single day! I think its just going to be better and better over the next 12 months! Especially since all the copy cats and fake people already went on to the next big thing ages ago. 😛 

TSD - How do you feel club music culture today differs from when you were coming up? 

S - Regarding Dubstep there was allot more going on, when I first started to play gigs. Four years ago I played like every other weekend in Berlin and also played different citys in germany once a month. Those were amazing times and I got to know so many amazing people in the german dubstep scene. Theres allot less going on these days, since the whole Dubstep Hype thing is over and it got back to where it belongs: The Underground! 🙂 

TSD - We always like hearing about up and coming producers to look out for. Who would you recommend us to keep an eye on over 2017? 

S - I cannot say much about up and coming producers, but I can list you some of my favorite producers right know, who all also happen to be good friends of mine: Headland, Ziplokk, Zygos, Causa, D-Operation Drop, Shiva, Mentha, Otz, Raptix, Gnishrew, Dubbacle, Taztical and of course many more. You know who you are! 

TSD - Can you take us through the mix you put together for us? 

S - It consists mostly of tracks that my producer homies sent me and a few releases that i adore. I am a huge fan of what Samba put out on Crucial Recordings, for example. I think this mix shows how diverse dubstep is right now and how experimental people are with their music. The intro track is taken from the Soundtrack of the movie "Arrival" by Jóhann Jóhannsson. My favorite movie of last year and one of the weirdest Soundtracks I ever heard. Check it out guys! 

TSD - If you were stranded on an island and could only keep with you the following things, what would they be? 1 vinyl, 1 DAW, 1 piece of hardware, and 1 sandwich. 

S - 1 vinyl has to be the Soundtrack of "Blade Runner" 100%! I cant evern explain, how much this piece of music means to me;

1 DAW: Ableton, Its all I been using since I started out making music;

1 piece of hardware... Gotta be my Push2 by Ableton. If you know this beast and what it is capable of, there are no questions left 😛 

TSD - Thanks you for your time. Are there any final comments / shout outs that you wanna share to wrap things up? 

S - Shouts go to you, for showing interest in my music guys and for the good people at home!


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