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TSDcast 63 - DubDiggerz Entrevista + Mix

Directamente da Eslovénia para o TSDcast - DubDiggerz!

Take a step to Dub - Hi guys! How has 2017 treated you so far? What’s new in the world of DubDiggerz? 

DubDiggerz - First of all hello and thank you for taking this time and do this interview with us. Well… year 2017 started great for DubDiggerz, if we are honest. 

We are both full of optimism and inspired. Realy happy about our first vinyl release for GourmetBeats Records. Releasing this project means a lot to us.

TSD - So let’s start from the beginning: when music started talking it you? 

DD - It is so far/long ago we don’t even remember. We both started digging into music very early. But we both started in our own field. We came from metal, techno, hip  hop trough reggae and dub to what we are today.

TSD - You’ve been working together since 2011. When was the first time that you felt it was about time to get serious about making music? 

DD - Yes it is true, we started doing music together in 2011. We both felt mutual love and passion towards music, so we started to play together. We got to know each other through music, grew together and started to produce our own music. At the beginning it went slowly, because we where still searching our style. As mentioned before, we came from different cultures, and we believe we will never settle for just one style, but we keep pushing the boundaries and combining all the different sounds from 140 culture.

TSD - Taking a step back in time then, could you tell us a little bit about your musical journey, from discovering underground music, to learning how to DJ and your interest in building beats? 

DD - We are music fanatics for as long as we can remember and music is a big part of our lives. And the things you love, you want to know more about, get involved, try it yourself… That is how it started. You search for new music, new artists, different genres… You get to know music and learn to respect it, all different variations of it. The process lead us eventually to discovering underground music and learning how to DJ. When we met, we both wanted to create a project, different from our individual artistic styles and that is how DubDiggerz duo was created. Soon, we found out we have a lot of common ideas and we need to start producing our own music. The rest is history. The process of producing, building our own beats had us both enchanted.

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sound that you do? 

DD - We are inspired by our everyday lives and people who are a part of it. We are inspired by great music. Not a particular genre. Just great music. We are inspired by the crowd at a performance. The vibe we get back inspires us and we get a lot of ideas for new beats during performance. And we also inspire each other. That is the beauty of being a duo :)

TSD - You just came from making your debut on Joe Nice Gourmetbeats. How did that link up come about, and what can we expect to hear on the "Le Hospital EP"? 

DD - We met at a gig in Ljubljana where Joe and we were playing and was organised by a common friend Dr.Albert. Event took place every year and that is how we connected more each year and became friends. That is how Joe got to know our music, started playing it and eventually the idea of Gourmetbeats release came up. Le Hospital EP is our first release and that makes it special for us. It contains three tunes which can give you a rough idea of what DubDiggerz are about.

TSD - Could you give us an idea of where you were trying to take this piece of music from a technical viewpoint as well as its listener emotionally? 

DD - From technical point of view we can say our music is free to take ways in any direction. We are very familiar with many different genres and we use that in our production. But the most important thing is to disguise all technical parts of music into a world full of emotions where listeners can find their inner selves and forget about the outside world.

TSD - Aside your music you also run DeepEnd (record label & events) and Bass Warz (radio show). What are the best and hardest parts about running this two? 

DD - Both BassWarz and DeepEnd started from love to this sound. It's really important to us, to return the support of local community and help it to grow. We do that not just by producing but with organising events such as DeepEnd! With many representing artists of this ganre. Part of DeepEnd! Movement are also artists FLO, Pier, RawLand and Gisaza who just joined our crew. By the end of the year you can expect a DPND compilation on 12« vinyl with four songs on it. We will give more info about that project soon. 

It takes a lot of work, handling events, radio show and label. And it wouldn’t be possible without well appreciated friends in DPND family - Boris Sound System, VJ5237, VJ Mesec and P.K. Photography. Working with them is pure pleasure and the effort they contribute, makes DeepEnd and Bass Warz different from others.

TSD - How would you describe the 140 scene in Slovenian today? 

DD - The scene is better than it was a couple of years ago, but still small. On the bright side, the people attending events, are really passionate about this music, and that is why the vibes are always great.

TSD - What producers within (or outside) of the bass music spectrum are making your ears prick up, so to speak? 

DD - Egoless, FoamPlate, HeadLand, Akcept, Jonah Freed, Sepia, BukezFinezt, LAS, Mikael, Oxossi and a lots more to add to that list. plus the DeepEnd! gang (FLO, Gisaza, RawLand, Pier)

TSD - There is any question that was never been done to you guys that you would like to answer?

DD - It's DubDiggerz not Dub Diggerz :) 

TSD - Thank you for your time guys, all the best with the forthcoming record. Are there any final comments / shout outs you wanna share to wrap things up?

DD - A big shout-out to people who support us and who support the overall soundsystem culture. Big up! 

PS: Stay tuned for our 12'' release on FoamPlate's PlantPower records.

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