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TSDcast 64 - Ziplokk Entrevista + Mix

Directamente de Berlim para o TSDcast - Ziplokk

Take a step to Dub - Hi man, thanks for agreeing to talk with us. Before we start I have to ask, how did you acquire the alias, Ziplokk?

Ziplokk - Hi there,... thanks for having me

Well back in the days...I was in need for a name because I wanted to upload sth on myspace. I had another alias back then but I didn't want to use it for uploading cause I started to make weird shit that wouldn't fit to my other alias. 
My room was a mess and you would find empty ziploc bags all over my place (you do the math), so thats how ziplokk was created.    

TSD - Where did your interest in building beats develop from, and how did that root in the creation of Ziplokk?

Z - I was playing in a punk band, however the guy who played the drums moved away and I got hands on an old 4 track drummachine.
At first I just built some loops to play along with my guitar, later playing the guitar got less important and building beats became my new passion. From there it developed slowly but steady...

TSD - What’s the scene like in Germany? How has your music and growth as an artist been influenced and affected working from there? 

Z - Hmmm... thats a good question. When I started to make music I was living in a village and I think the influences during that period came from anywhere else but germany or my village. Later I moved to Berlin but I still had no connections to any scene and dubstep was not around yet. I got connected to the scene when DJ Saiman played my tunes on his Impulse radio show. 
During the same show he played tunes of shu. Shu and I connected via facebook and I would say this marks the point when Ziplokk became alive. 

TSD - Outside of production, what other interests or hobbies do you dabble in? Do any of these activities inspire you creatively when returning to the studio?

Z - I go fishing. I even bought a boat this year because I love to hang around on the water. I also like camping a lot... not camping with a caravan though. Just a fire some beer and a hammock in the woods. Sometimes I paint and draw when I'm outside so these hobbies actually eat up all my free time and they make it hard to produce beats. Butwhen the weather is bad I stay inside and lock myself in the lab. The time outside in the nature definately inspires me a lot... 

TSD - Could you tell us a little bit about your journey into the profession, the methodology and techniques you opt for when beginning a project, and lastly, if you can chose one, a piece of work you’re most proud of?

Z - Every project is another story... Sometimes I'm inspired by a field recording I did, sometimes it is a drum pattern that sounds promising to me. It can also be a vocal sample or some sentence from a book or whatever... When I write a tune and it turns out to be good it doesn't mean that I can build the next one by going the same way. It just doesn't work like that. But usually I start with drums and bass.
The tune I like the most? Thats easy... It's allways the tune I'm currently working on. 

TSD - What is your view on the current 140 scene and how do you deal with it falling apart into various different sub genres?

Z - Dude,... the scene seems vital to me. Also I like that the sound is not only deep minimal bla bla now. I like all sorts of tunes and the 140 side of life isn't everything. 

Just for listening at home I prefer different things to be honest.

TSD - We always like hearing about up and coming producers to look out for. Are anyone you caught your attention at the moment?

Z - There is so much fresh talent out there I really don't want to start a list here. But I have to admit that it takes a while untill I notice a new Talent because I took a major step back from this whole social media thing. Soundcloud has become a pain in the ass since you can't listen to the feed anymore because of these reposts and sponsored shit. 

TSD - You were quite excited about the mix you put together for us. Tell us a little bit about the selection process, down to the final recording?

Z - Yes, that is because I have loads of own material in there. Most of it unreleased bits. And of course there are many nice tunes by friends inside so I hope you enjoy the mix.

TSD - If you had to choose a sci-fi novel or film for making a soundtrack, which one would it be?

Z - The 5th Element or Brazil... both great movies If you don't know brazil you better check it out.

TSD - What else can we expect from Ziplokk in 2017, is there any forthcoming material, or other interesting projects you can spill the beans on?

Z - There are some projects in the pipeline but I can't tell much about it as they are not fixed yet... regarding gigs it was a quiet year and I enjoyed it a lot.

There might be some gigs on small festivals late summer/autumn though. Lets see what the future brings... 

TSD - Thank you for your time bro, hope that your forthcoming projects are well received by your fans. Are there any final comments / shout outs you wanna share to wrap things up?

Z - Shouts to my brothers Shu, Saiman, Mentha Matt and the rest of the Subaltern Gang, Zemon, Zecher and Subotage Records can't forget Gaze Ill and Cueline Records and all the fine people who I met on this crazy planet.

Big up!

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