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TSDcast 68 - Soukah Entrevista + Mix

E com enorme prazer, que recebemos este mês, no TSDcast, Mr. Soukah!

Take a step to Dub - Hi man, thanks for agreeing to talk with us. What’s new for Soukah in 2018? 

Soukah - Thanks for having me! 

There is nothing new in particular. I keep on making music, playing some gigs and doing some releases but maybe something new and unusual Soukah tunes will see the daylight.

TSD - Tell us a little about your jouney in music, with some key moments from your life, as far back as childhood, that you feel have made an impact on your music today?

S - It all started very soon. My parents introduced me to their music while driving me to school and at school I was playing some different flutes which still left a great influence on me. 

As a teenager I was more into Metal, Gothic and Noise music and I played in a Deathmetal/Death-Core band. During those days I downloaded myself a free version of FL Studio but it never really worked out for me because I was not familiar with digital production and I had no internet for tutorials and no friends which knew how to produce.

After some time a friend who worked with Reason teached me the first steps of production and I'm still with Reason until today. 

In the beginning I was more into Gothic, Noise and a little bit Techno but I always searched for something new and ''deeper'' and someday I found myself listenig to something what was called Dubstep. From that time on a lot of new friends and myself searched for hours on Youtube for new ''Dubstep'' tunes and I am still in this.

TSD - Do you feel like you’re still learning as your career develops? What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned along the way? 

S - Yes of course. If I listen to some of my older productions I really hear my own progress. Production was always a DIY-thing to me. I never watched any tutorials or read articles about production. I found out most of that what I know by doing it myself.

Nowadays I try to learn as much as possible but I prefer listening to people or working with people together. I'm still not really into watching tutorials or reading.

The most important things to me are passion, patience and consitency. If these work together I would say everybody can make it.

TSD - What’s the scene like in Germany? How has your music and growth as an artist been influenced and affected working from there? 

S - In germany Techno, Hip-Hop/Trap and Charts are ruling the scene. Its a really underground thing here but I kind of enjoy the distance because I don't have so much things going on around me and I can focus more on my own productions. On the otherside, dubstep and bass related gigs or festivals are rare which makes it a bit difficult for shows.

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sound that you do?

S - For me creating music is to escape the reality we live in. Its a space of meditation. A state of a personal freedom I can only find when I'm producing or djing.

For myself, music is a refelction of the things which happen around me, the people I hang out with but also places. I really love the forest and mountains, the fog, dark and rainy nights.

All those things define my mood and my mood decides in which direction to tune goes to during the production process.

TSD - You've announced your return to Rarefied with the "Windowlicka EP". Tell us a bit about the release and how you came up with the concept….was it inspired by anything in particular? 

S - Jon (Rarefied labelhead) really liked my tune Strange Reflection which came out as a free download a few years ago so I suprised him with a VIP of it and that became the first tune for the EP. The collab with T.A.R and Primer was a random thing. We wanted to collaborate and I had some open projects and the guys jumped on it and the result peaks for itself. Big ups to T.A.R and Primer here!

Windowlicka was one of many tunes I sent to Rarefied over the time and we decided that even its not that typical Soukah track that this should be on wax and I'm really happy we made put it on wax.

TSD - Recently you also sign "Retina - Topsail Remix" in collaboration with our fellow 3WA. How did that link up come about, can we expect new things in the future? 

S - 3WA and myself making music quiet a while now and he also did a remix for my Silent Motion release so Rolando (labelhead) was already familiar to our sound. 

The remix was really a last minute thing. Rolando came up with the idea because he needed one more tune for the release and we took the challenge and I'm happy with the result!

3WA and myself currently working on new music so there will be something in the furture.

TSD - Aside your music you also run Blacksoil Records. Can you remember what your intentions/goals when you first launched the label?

S - Yes, I set up this label especially for my friends and producers Another Channel and Pablo because I wanted them to be heard. So its a very familiar label. It does not depend on a genre so there will be always something new and something what I want to be heard. 

TSD - In your opinion what are the best and hardest parts about running a label?

S - I only can speak for myself but I the hardest parts are getting all things sorted, the cover, the release and the distribution and don't get financially ruined.

It takes a lot of time but on the other side it makes me happy to see tunes which I really like getting a release, so its worth it for me.

TSD - How do you feel about social media in all of its influence on the music game now?

S - As someone who is searching always for new music its a really good thing to discover new artists and getting in contact. And its a really good and fast way to communicate. The cons are that there is too much music online at the same time and I can't listen to all the new stuff in my free time. I also try to keep myself a bit away from the social media thing. There are more important things in life but I go with the flow, try to keep my followers up to date and be a bit active on Facebook and Instagram but to be honest I don't really care about the influence.

TSD - Can you give us any cheeky upfront information about what we might be seeing from you or the label in 2018?

S - After my Rarefied release there will be two digital releases. I also have some crazy collabs with wonderful people in the pipeline and hopefully some more gigs.

Next Blacksoil release is Gnischrew which became a good friend during my time in Vienna and some new from Another Channel and Pablo is planned as well.

TSD - What is your view on the current 140 scene and how do you deal with it falling apart into various different sub genres? 

S - Well I don't think in genres actually. For me there is only music I like and the music I don't like but I'm really happy with some of the new styles coming up. I think we all should be humble, there will be always the people which say that they like the wobbly side more and the people which like the experimental side more. We should be happy that everyone can listen to what they like and stop complaining about what is real or not or if they stick to the roots or not. If its good it will last.

TSD - We always like hearing about up and coming producers to look out for. Who would you recommend us to keep an eye on over the next year? 
S - There are so many good artists out there but to name a few, Phossa, Pablo, Another Channel, the whole Rarefied gang, Darkraqqen, Masis, Conzi, Scarz, Substrada.

TSD - Can you take us through the mix you put together for us? 

S - Its a mixture between tunes from good friends and people I'm working with and my own produtions a long some tunes I really feel at the moment.

It starts with some ambient and experimental tunes and leads you to twisted 140.

TSD - Before we finish... do you have any musical guilty pleasures you're not afraid to share? 

S - I've been listening to some german gangster rap and trap. I'm not really feeling comfortable to play that music to my friends but the lyrics are just too funny sometimes and they have some nice beats actually.

TSD - Thank you for your time brother, all the best for the future. Are there any final comments / shoutouts you wanna share to wrap things up?

S - Thank you for having me!

Shout out to my family who never stopped me making music that I like, Jon and the Rarefied gang, my musical family, Pablo, International Ekwiti Soundsystem, Another Channel and all the beautiful people who supported me and my music, and all the ones I forgot.

Thank you!

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