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A conversa com Sepia + Bónus

Após algum tempo ausente o "A Conversa" esta de volta, com uma entrevista o produtor inglês Sepia, que para além de uma agradável de conversa, ainda nos presenteou com um freebie exclusivo.

Take a step to Dub - First of all, how are you? 

Sepia - I’m good cheers. Hope you guys are bless too. 

TSD - Who is Sepia? 

S - My name is Theo, I live on an Island down the south coast of the UK 

TSD - How did you get into Dubstep? 

S - I first recall hearing Dubstep at free parties where I lived and on radio. I was instantly drawn into the sound because it was unlike anything I have ever heard before. It put me in a trance like state, so I knew from that point I was hooked. 

TSD - What drove you to get as far as you are now? 

S - I wouldn’t consider myself to be far or anywhere, I just love making and playing music to be honest. It keeps me sane. It’s a blessing that people are supporting my music, but I’d still be doing it regardless if people were interested or not. It’s just something I can’t imagine myself not doing. 

TSD - To step back even further, what were childhood influences? 

S - As a kid I was mainly listening to whatever records my parents had. A lot of Reggae, Hip hop and Luther Vandross haha. I was listening to a lot of bands too. All music in general influenced me if I am honest. Just hearing variation in sounds was something that always interested me. 

As far as general influences go, life itself, movies, books, experiences, the areas I used to hang out in and various places I’ve moved to. 

TSD - Can you trace you interest in electronic music to anything? Where do you draw your influence from musically? In your opinion, who is the audience that identifies with your music? 

S - Dilla got me really into sampling and production. Aphex Twin drew me into electronic music. I listened to him at a fairly young age, so that whole sound was completely foreign to me. I was captivated by his sound. I listened to a lot of pirate radio when I was growing up. Garage and grime were obviously huge factors. 

To be honest, all the music I have listened to in the past and everything I listen to this day influences me. Be it bands or electronic. 

As for what audience identifies with my music, I truly have no idea. It’s not something I am really aware of...I wouldn’t consider myself to have an audience yet as I am not a known name, I’m just doing my thing. 

TSD - What are your views on the current state of Dubstep and how do you see the genre progressing over the next 12 months? 

S - In my honest opinion, the scene is as strong as ever. A lot of exciting new producers are bringing some really unique sounds to the table at the moment. I can see it going from strength to strength in the foreseeable future. Making music is a lot more accessible these days, you can literally just have a laptop and headphones and make some really good shit. 

TSD - In musical terms, which projects have drawn your attention in recent times? 

S - Way too many to mention. Loving what Keysound, Deep Medi, System and Innamind are all doing right now. And of course Congi, Chord Marauders crew, Gantz, Las, Mikael. 

TSD - If you had the ability to make music with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? and what one question would you ask that person? 

S - Dilla. I probably wouldn’t say anything, just sit and observe or have a musical jam. 

TSD - What are your goals for 2014? 

S - Same as always: make music, play shows, get some more releases out, meet people, make new friends and live life 

TSD - Finally, any shout outs and special mentions? 

S - Big up everybody who has been supporting me over the past couple years. Special shouts to: Joe Nice, Vivek, Quest, Silkie, Dusk & Blackdown, Etch, Parris, Wen, Facta, Congi and everybody who has been showing interest.

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