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TSD Podcast 41 - Darj Entrevista + Mix

Take a step to Dub - Hi Darj, how are you?

Darj -
Hello, I'm fine thanks!

TSD - So, for people that are unfamiliar with your work, can you tell us a little about your background, the music you promote and how you arrived at your sound?

D -
Well, I'm 31 years old producer, I live near Saint-Malo in France. I'm on the deeper side of dubstep.

I started producing in 2010 and I quickly moved on deep 140bpm music, I have the feeling that possibilities at this tempo are endless.

TSD - How did you get into Dubstep?

D -
I was listening a DnB radio in 2008, and an oldschool Dubstep show was played this night. I instantly loved it.

TSD - Where do you draw your influence from musically?

D -
I really can't identify which genre, there's jazz, reggea, rock, hip-hop... Everything that sounds good to me actually!

TSD - In your opinion, who is the audience that identifies with your music?

D -
I still haven't met anyone that knows my music, there's no dubstep scene in my area, no gigs with deep or underground music unless it's rock. There's just a few guys who knows I make beats, but they probably have no idea of what I really do. 

There's not too much dubstep gigs in france too, and most of these gigs are focusing on filthy dubstep an trap.

TSD - What are your views on music piracy and file sharing and how can it be controlled?

D -
Ha ! Tough question ! If you can buy music, do it. If you can't, try to support as much as you can the artist. 

I don't make music to pay my bills, I make music because I love it. 

Controlling piracy ? The way people have music changed a lot, there's now a lot of website for streaming music, 10 years ago it was the mp3, 20 years ago it was compact disc Piracy helped small artists ( like me ) to get more and more audience. 

Let's just hope that the audience will decide to buy a bit more music, not only supporting the artists. 

TSD - After 4 months of your last release "Chosen Path" on Phantom Hertz, have the reactions to it been what you expected?

D -
 Not really, it appeared that the track "Aldebaran" was the most popular of the release. To me, it's not the best track of the EP, technically and musically speaking.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with that release, the guys from Phantom Hertz did a great job. 

TSD - What music do you listen to outside of producing, has it changed a lot since you started? Do you think it feeds into the music you make?

D -
I listen a lot of reggea classics, anything with a jazzy influence too. 

Lot of dubstep too, guys like Gantz, Commodo, Las, Perverse to name a few of a long list, who are really pushing boundaries. 

Did it feeds my music ? Obviously! 

TSD - If you were stranded on an island and could only keep with you the following things, what would they be? 1 vinyl, 1 DAW, 1 piece of hardware, and 1 sandwich. 

D - The DAW, 1 vinyl is not enough, same for the hardware, and the sandwich feeds only for 1 meal ! 

1 matchbox would be perfect. 

TSD - What can we expect from you in the future? 

D - I have some forthcoming releases this year, I'm really excited with these. 

Let's hope a few gigs, I'm still a bit new to DJing but i enjoy mixing tunes. 

I hope having a physical release one day too. 

TSD - Finally, any shout outs and special mentions?

G -
I don't want to forget anyone, so big ups to each and every one following me or enjoying my music ! 

And big up to you for the feature ! 

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