terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2016

TSDcast 58 - BunZer0

Após um breve interregno indesejado, o TSDcast esta de volta na máxima força, com A voz do underground Mr. BunZer0 

"It's been some time now am playing all kind of tempo in bass music on my SUB FM radio show called the FOB Show, so in this mix I took the opportunity to focus on some tunes at 140BPM.

Unreleased material, forthcoming stuff and some bad ass released tunes. I also included some of my own productions, one of them never been played before so it is pretty exclusive, am talking about "Archetypes". 

I soon got a track out on Pressed Records who put one sick Dub compilation together so I couldn't resist to tease it a bit with "Elefant Doc & Dillard - Way Of Living - Quantum soul RMX". 

The mix is going from Roots Dub influenced tunes to some weird an dark ones. 

The redline here is the deepness so don't expect shit Brostep from it ! 

A mix for the headz I would say..."

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