sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2016

Freebies à la carte 03 - JFO

Após uma pequena pausa para ferias, os "Freebies a la TSD" estão de regresso em força, com JFO!

Hi, my name is JFO, and I am so tired of… Logic's grid division thing, it sucks and it doesn't work... Even when I change it too snap to absolute value it just doesn't do it, it's the worst.

If you get to know me better, you will understand why… I duppy everyone at pool.

You know you’re in heaven when… When Logic fixes their grid division thing.

Don’t ever try and ask me to… "Play something we can dance too".

Last time I rode on a bus… There was bare sick on the floor and the guy next to me stunk off piss.   Big up the 468

I’d like to think that my music… Is being heard and enjoyed, even if only by a small few, it's a good feeling knowing that people apart from you, like what you come up with...  One guy recently got a dub cut of one of my bits and tweeted me a video of it, I thought that that was pretty sick.

Before I start a new track, I absolutely have to… Smoke at least 14 burns.

If I could deejay for all elevators in the world I’d play… Pulse X, constantly looped... be jokes.

If my music was a meal it would be… Beans on toast, with bare claps, 45hz subs and most likely a square wave.

Large up step too dub, Sativa, Glix, Lidster, Ron D & everyone else, 01706 n' that...

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