quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2016

Paradise Lost lança Steampunk Vol​.​2 de Bisweed

Quinta-feira 22 de Setembro, chega finalmente as lojas, o muito aguardado segundo volume, da magnifica epopeia distópica "Steampunk", de Bisweed.

Segundo o press release liberado pela Paradise Lost, a historia de Steampunk diz-nos que:

"A certain cataclysm has taken place on Earth - the planetary magnetic fields are shifting and the aurora borealis are not just a polar phenomenon anymore, but light up skies all over the world.

Cultural paradigms have changed, governments have fallen, economies collapsed. Planetary resources are nearly depleted. The people of this world lead different lives - technology has advanced, but not for everyone, most rely on steam engines to produce electricity.

The planetary surface is so heavily polluted that most humans have moved underground while the "elite" has migrated to enormous islands floating in the sky. Scavengers roam the planetary surface wearing gas masks and exoskeletons, searching for treasure. Abandoned, disused robots skulk about. The most convenient way to travel is by airship.

While the subsurface dwellers go about their daily struggle, future uncertain, the sky island factions up above are developing new technologies to actively search for alternatives to Earth. Investigation and exploration of outer space is civic priority #1."

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