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Freebies à la carte 05 - Inyoka

Para quê perder tempo com a Black Friday, quando hoje temos Inyoka nos Freebies à la carte! 

Hi, I am Inyoka and I thoroughly enjoy... creating music, cooking, and traveling. 

Two things I can’t stand the most are... people that are unwilling to explore new ideas, and any form of art that only exists for monetary purpose. 

5 years ago, I was into... basically the same things as I am into now, writing a lot more guitar songs though, which has since taken a backseat to my electronic music, I have hours of instrumentals written and recorded that I have never shared, but I hope to at some point. 

My best spent 10 bucks...  was in records. I’ve found tons of cheap 12” and 7” gems from just digging in local record shops, antique stores, and yard sales, etc.; you never know what you’ll find. 

My personal inspirational anthem is... “Turn It On Again” by Genesis – everything about this song is amazing; the riffs, the lyrics, the time signature; truly one of the most moving songs I have ever heard. 

My first attempt at making music was... writing songs on guitar as a teenager and performing with a band in my hometown (Roanoke Rapids, NC -USA). Concerning electronic music, I used to record and chop bits from old vinyl records and build beats from collected samples inside some basic computer software until I discovered more modernized means! 

Before I start a new track, I absolutely have to... pick a tempo and set up all return channels, specifically reverb design, I always construct a definite “space” out of my reverb return to send certain drums, vocals, and synths, etc. in order to build upon a certain atmosphere. Going further, I almost always use automation to manipulate the reverb to play tricks on the listener’s ear. 
One of my most recent tracks, “Turbines”, is a great example of this method. 

My music never... follows a trend. I don’t mind following a basic formula or layout when building a tune, but the sounds I create are always a product of my own experimentation; careful distortion and EQ plays a HUGE part in my sound.

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