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TSDcast 60 - Cotti Entrevista + Mix

Directamente de Inglaterra para o TSDcast, é com enorme orgulho, que recebemos este mês incontornável Don Cotti.

Take a step to Dub - You've played a pivotal role in the Dubstep scene since the early days but for those who don't know can you introduce yourself and tell us how you first got hooked on the sound?

Cotti - Yeah well it was 2005 when I met DJ Chef & shortly after Loefah(DMZ) that myself & Cluekid got introduce to the Dubstep scene which was a very small community of producers, DJ, MC, & fans, we were previously making Grime but was told that some of our productions had Dubstep elements so we started to explore the sound more as we continued to link up with more & more of the sounds pioneers such as Skream, Benga, Caspa, Rusko, Hatcha  & the list goes on. The rest is history. 

TSD - When you started playing the sound everyone knows now as Dubstep, it was very underground. What were the influences behind it at that time?

C - Well it had many influences from Grime, Garage, Jungle, Hip hop & Reggae to name a few but a big part of it was Sound Sytem culture at the timew hich was all about Bass music!

TSD - How do you feel your music stands in todays Dubstep era, as opposed to 10 years ago?

C - Hmm that’s a hard question.... tbh i think that my productions have evolved over the years but has not followed the Dubstep popular trend of going mainstream and making tracks that just make your ears bleed with midrange madness I.E Skrillex' lol I have always generally incorporated a Reggae / Dancehall vibe in most of my tracks and that has never changed till this very day.

TSD - But do you feel UK club music culture today differs from when you were coming up in the ’00s?

C - I’m not sure about the whole UK culture of club music but i can talk on Dubstep Club culture and the answer is a massive yes! now a days the crowd seems to be younger with no more Ganja smoking, lots of trendy ravers who know hardly anything about the scenes history past 4 years ago, the club venues were about having good sound systems and intimate more intimate setting.

TSD - Creating any art form often draws inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sound that you do? 

C - I sometimes draw inspiration from hearing others push the boundaries, other things that inspire me are my feelings at the time of when i'm producing the tracks, whether its dark, uplifting or a fusion, and wondering how the fans will receive my new music is another inspiration.

TSD - Since January you are releasing an EP every month. How did this idea / project get started?

C - Well in fact it was since November 2015 i started this year long series....but yeah one day i was just thinking to myself that i have not really been consistent enough considering all the work i have put in over the past 10 years & the success that came with it, i just felt like i was letting myself & my fans down so i made a promise to myself to be more consistent and came up with the idea of an EP a month for a year to get keep the ball rolling, myself active & the fans loaded with new music, it has worked wonders so far & has proved that i still have it in me to be a great producer, music maker & label owner.

TSD - More frequently we see artists are using Bandcamp for self releases as an alternative to going through a record label, what’s your stance on this topic?

C - I think both are good ways to get your music out to the fans & help build your fan base. Some producers might not feel confident or even get no response from labels when submitting their tracks so Bandcamp is a very good alternative. Also u gotta weight up how much control of your music you want & if even being on a label will benefit you in the long or short term

TSD - So in your opinion, who is the audience that identifies with your music? 

C - I would say my audience is quite varied but still mostly underground music lover....when doing each Ep have statistics of where they have been downloaded from and the range is very far and wide, from Thailand to Estonia, from Africa to South America & the middle east they download my music & enjoy the vibes. This is another thing that inspires me & keeps me rolling out the tracks :)

TSD - What does the term UK Bass Music mean to you?

C - Uk Bass music just means any Genre that originates in Uk and is bass heavy i.e. Dubstep, Dnb, Jungle, Bassline 7 the list goes on.

TSD - Looking back across everything you’ve achieved to date, where would you say you’re at now as an artist?

C - I think I am in the process of establishing myself as an artist but obviously as a producer i have helped pioneer a whole genre of music, so it’s quite exciting to have a whole new adventure ahead of me as an Artist who performs his own tracks live instead of just a DJ(no disrespect).

I also feel that there are many advantages that come with past success but it also comes with it's disadvantages depending on the mind frame of the individual listener or media outlet that hears your music, i would say it can be very hit and miss but at the rate I'm working and releasing at, it shouldn’t be long before I’m back as a 'Hot' Artist whose setting trends again.

TSD - We always like hearing about up and coming producers to look out for. Who would you recommend us to keep an eye on over the next year?

C - Well i would have to shout out some of the guys that are on my label 'Sumting New' big up Prophet, Sence Impression, DJ Absurd, Dj Basha & Spin Sir to name a few, they are all working hard & got dope music coming.

TSD - Imagine your house on fire (sorry), what are the few things you just can’t leave behind?

C - Haha you all know the first thing I’m gonna say is my PC & studio equipment.... oh and my hot water bottle coz its cold out here in the Uk now lol. Tbh I’m a person that does not have many personal items or really attaches myself to such things so this is an easy question really.

TSD - What can we expect from you next?

C - So lastly but not least, I have recorded an Album (Entitled Best of both world) as Don Cotti the artist which features 16 tracks of what I call future Dancehall, it will be available early next year, I also shot a Music video for one of the 3 singles taken from the Album which u can expect on youtube December along with the single on itunes. Also 2017 you can expect lots of new music on a consistent basis both free and on my labels 'Sumting New & Bun a Badmind' so shout out the dedicated supporters’ coz I love you and see your constant support. One Love!!

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