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TSDcast 69 - Karnage Entrevista + Mix

Directamente de Nagoya (Japão), para o TSDcast - Karnage!

Take a step to Dub - Hi Karnage, it’s been awhile since we feature your music for the first time back in 2014. How has life changed for you since then?

Karnage - I moved back to Nagoya, Japan from Detroit, the United States in 2015, since then my life has changed a lot. New environment for every day life, new job, new people, etc...

TSD - Taking a step back in time, could you tell us a little bit about your musical journey, from discovering underground music, to learning how to DJ and your interest in building beats?

K - I have been metal head since I started listening to music I like around middle school. I liked any types of metal, specially bands like At The Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder and Behemoth. 

I discovered Dubstep around 2006. First tune I listened was "Goth-Trad - Cut-end." I think it was on some radio. I was smashed by sound of "Cut-End," I started digging about Goth-Trad and I discovered he is Japanese, and making genre called "Dubstep." 

Since then, I am in love with this sound. I started to dj and build beats around 2008-2009 because I wanted to express sound I reallly love. 

TSD - We are supremely stoked for your future releases, coming through with some raucous tunes that buzz with emotion and fresh personality, and we would love to gain some insight into your musical world both in and out of the studio. Where do you tend to draw inspiration from when it comes to music making?

K - I moved back to Japan in 2015, it changed everything around me. New friends, new everyday life, new job. Of course new types of music came into my life by going to clubs in Japan. I was lucky enough to play at Back To Chill, which is monthly party ran by Goth-Trad. 

I started hearing a lot of noisey experimental music at Back To Chill, I was so inspired by it, I got same vibes as Metal I love. I started going to listen musicians like The Body, Pharmakon, Full of Hell, Shaped Noise, Endon and more. Since then, I started more doomy distorted sounding music on 140 bpm. I still make classic sound of dubstep I really love.

TSD - How do you think your sound has developed since you stared?

K - My sound has been changing a lot. I am type of producer, who makes every types of sound in 140 bpm realm. I felt like my sound has developed more last year when I made tune called Oblitus and Hymn to the Dismal World. 

TSD - Alongside your return to Encrypted Audio with a new EP you just announced a big project with Dayzero. Tell us a bit about both releases and how the concepts came up…. was it inspired by anything in particular? 

K - "ENC34," which is my latest Encrypted Audio release is focused on sound of "Dubstep" with my recent influences I got from living in Japan. 

"Vomitspit," which is latest release with Dayzero from out own imprint "Vomitspit" is show case of what we are up to for past year and half. We were influenced by many different types of music, we both tried to output those experience into 140 bpm. 

TSD - Congratulations on the start of your label! What direction do you and Dayzero want to take with Vomitspit?

K - Vomitspit is platform to release music we really like by Dayzero & myself. We release our own music, and music by other musicians on this platform. We don't care what genre of music is to release from Vomitspit, if it sounds good and we like it, we will release anything. They can be dubstep, death metal, noise or hip-hop. Anything welcome! We plan to show case some cutting-edge underground music of Japan also. 

TSD - So apart from mentioned releases, anything in the pipeline that you can share with us?

K - Karnage & MarkIV - "Zenith" will be included in Compilation release by Bleak Winter. It will be available as 12". Dayzero & myself also have split 12" with 2 other producers coming up this year. More plans will be concreted soon!

TSD - Nice! So besides your releases, are there any producers local to you that we should check out?

K - Dayzero he is my partner in crime from Okayama, Japan. Man can make amazing music. His Dubstep tunes are sick, but Hip-Hop and trap beats are really good too. 

Also, Izumi from Osaka, Japan. He makes really good techno-influenced noisey experimental music. 

TSD - Now we like to know what is your view on the current 140 scene and how do you deal with it falling apart into various different sub genres?

K - I really like how things are going. A lot of producers making fresh music. A lot of releases. I think it is healthy. I am not really worried about sub genres, if tune is cool, I don't care about anything further. 

TSD - How do you feel about social media in all of its influence on the music game now?

K - Social media is amazing. I live in Japan at the moment, scene for this type of music is very smallat the moment, but with power of internet, it doesn't matter. I can connect to anyone outside of Japan using social media. 

TSD - We were quite excited about the mix you put together for us. Tell us a little bit about the selection process, down to the final recording?

K - This mix is show case of what I recently made with tunes I really like. Thank you for producers who sent me tunes to play out! 

TSD - Before we finish... if you had to choose a sci-fi novel or film for making a soundtrack, which one would it be?

K - I would love to make music for Robocop. One of my favorite movie. Background of this movie is really cool.

TSD - Thank you for your time Takuya, we hope your projects be well received by your fans... you deserve it! Are there any final comments / shout outs you wanna share to wrap things up?

K - Thank you for taking time to interview and host mix. I appriciate it. 

Please keep eyes on Vomitspit by Dayzero & myself. a lot of interesting things in the future.

Also, shout outs to Back to chill crew, Infernal Sounds crew, Encrypted Audio crew,promoters who booked me before, label owners who believe in my music, producers who send me music to play and my fans. 

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