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TSDcast 70 - Dalek One Entrevista + Mix

Directamente do Colorado (EUA), para o TSDcast - Dalek One

Take a step to Dub - Hey Tanner, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, how has 2018 treated so far?

Dalek One - Hey thanks for having me! 2018 is treating me very well. Just moved in with my lady recently, who also is a great DJ/ Music Producer here in Denver. (DRTY HBTZ). Also just been crunching away at music, and have quite a lot of shows/releases coming up! 

TSD - Although you’re no stranger to the digital community surrounding bass music, could you tell us a little about yourself for the guys who are new to Dalek One?

DO - Well im a enthusiast of distortion and low end frequencies. Im 23 years young. Born and raised in Lakewood, CO. Started producing music in 2013 and started DJ’ing in 2015. 

TSD - What's the most important / valuable lesson you've learned since you started making music?

DO - Good things take time.. I sat in my room for over a year hating everything I made and felt I would never get anywhere. So remember to have patience and faith in the fact that your knowledge and comfortabililty will progress.

TSD - Despite you are from Lakewood you're connected to the Denver scene. How has your music and growth as an artist been influenced and affected working from there?

DO - Well I got my first chance at it all  with Sub.mission thanks to Carlos Galvan, Alex Cortez and of course the boss lady Nicole Cacciavillano. Cant thank them enough for seeing the drive in me and putting me on since day one. So you could definitely say the Denver scene can take sole ownership for molding me into who I am as an artist and a DJ.

TSD - Creating any art form often draw inspiration from life and environment. With the many outlets from which we can seek such inspiration, what inspires you to create the sound that you do?

DO - I love basically any sound that you wouldnt think to put in a song. I love anything sci-fi, distortion-based or out of this world sounding. 

TSD - You've just dropped two big releases on Sub Audio and Duploc. Tell us a bit about both releases and how the concepts came up…. was it inspired by anything in particular? 

DO - For the Sub Audio Release I was aiming for a more minimal yet forward thinking release, bringing old classic vibes to a fresh new structure. For the tune “Linger” I was aiming for a triplet based tune with off time vocal cuts that kept the listener intrigued and wondering what would come next. 

As for my duploc release I was aiming to bring a whole new vibe that people wouldn’t expect from me. “Tasered” in my opinion did exactly that. Sound design was my main focus for that release. Alowing basses to interact with one another, almost as if the mid-range basses were speaking to each other. Like they were having a conversation in frequencies. Definitely the most proud ive been of my work. The reaction the release got was great, yet unexpected. 

The inspiration for those releases came from the artists that im apart of labels with. Inspiration from Samba, Truth and DMVU to name a few.. I think the listeners can definitely hear that in each tune.

TSD - We always like hearing about up and coming producers to look out for. Who would you recommend us to keep an eye on over? 

DO - DRTY HBTZ , GAWD , Chief Kaya , Khonsu , Repulsion , Chark , Khandro and of course ETHER 

TSD - What are your plans for the rest of the year?

DO - Well I have a 3 vinyl releases set for this year. First one will be hitting the shelves in the next month or so. So look out for that one via Overdue Label out of Belgium.

TSD - Before we finish... if you had the ability to make music with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? and what one question would you ask that person?

DO - Thats a tough question for sure. It would have to be David Bowie, mainly because he did things his own way and always stayed to true to himself and his sound. I would ask him how he made every song better than the last. Its tough to keep bringing fresh ideas to the table everytime and making sure your newest song doesn’t sound like the last. 

TSD - Thank you for your time bro. Are there any final comments / shout outs you wanna share to wrap things up?

DO - Just want to thank my amazing fans , my family , my amazing girlfriend (DRTY HBTZ) for being the best support system. As well as Nicole Cacciavillano (Sub.mission) for putting me on since day one and seeing the spark in me. Lastly  I want to thank Encrypted Audio , Overdue, Deep, Dark & Dangerous, DUPLOC , Sub Audio, and Dub Sector for pushing my music <3 Means the world. Never stop doing what you love, cause one day it will all pay off in one way or another !


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